Our vineyards are located on the hills of Monte San Savino, at 330 meters above sea level, with a South-South-East exposure. The soil is very fertile with a medium clayey consistency and the area benefits from a humid climate in the cold and warm and dry season in the hot season.


The harvest period can vary depending on the vintage and the degree of ripeness of the grapes, always kept under control by the attentive eye of Marco Ziantoni, who is also the company agronomist. It usually starts in mid-September, with the harvest of white and Merlot grapes and continues with the harvest of red grapes until the first weeks of October..


From the vineyard the grapes are immediately taken to the cellar for crushing, destemming and for the first passage in the press, to end up fermenting in steel casks at a controlled temperature.  Not all the grapes follow the same path, the selected part for the superior red wines is worked separately, choosing the best wood for the aging of the tannins of the single grapes in the barrique cellar, while, for the selection white wines , the winemaking will continue in the steel casks. We have always considered wood as one of the tools to enhance the final result of this fruit, the grape, which gives us so much satisfaction. The important tannins of Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Cabernet and Merlot are softened, but not overwhelmed by the sweet tannins of the staves of the French oak barrels, coming from different areas. Thus, the same type of wine can be aged in barrels of different woods to obtain a different result.


The next step is to assemble the wines from the various barrels together again in the steel tanks, waiting for the last step: bottle aging, which is by no means underestimated. This period plays a key role for the final result, in fact it represents the orchestra conductor who makes tune the various musicians, to then make them play in perfect harmony. All this process takes time and patience and it is precisely here that the difference between a genuine wine, produced as nature suggests, and an industrial wine, which develops with the help of chemistry, lies. The cellar, equipped with a complete bottling and packaging chain, allows us to follow the production step by step and complete it.